ZTE Getting 'Top 3' Best LTE

LTE ZTEZTE Corporation has been listed as "Top 3" LTE Network Infrastructure Vendor by Gartner, the company's research and advisory services to information technology in the world.

According to Gartner, ZTE is one of the stronger players for the LTE industry with quality product portfolio and a smart growth strategy and development.

In the latest industry situation report, "Dataquest Insight: Scorecard for Vendors of Long Term Evolution Network Infrastructure", Gartner methods grains per assessment to assess the comprehensive performance of the LTE vendors worldwide.

Gartner divides the assessment of performance in the market over the seven criteria, namely: Product or Service, Market Understanding, Offering / Product Strategy, Geographic Strategy, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Market Responsiveness and Track Record.

This report also estimates about 70 percent of the UMTS will gradually upgrade to HSPA+ and LTE, and most CDMA operators will choose LTE.