Indosat 3G Using 40% of Total Capacity

3G IndosatIndosat which now has a total of three million 3G subscribers, said the capacity of mobile broadband is still very loose and quite accommodate three to four million customers again. Capacity of 3G operators use this newly claimed 40%.

From the total of three million 3G subscribers, around 450 thousand of them to access Internet data via a broadband modem Indosat M2. HSDPA access subscriptions will be encouraged through a number of cooperation with vendors bundling the phone or netbook.

While the infrastructure in terms of 3G, Indosat has a broadband network of about 10%of the total 14 thousand units of base transceiver stations owned. 3G services are operating in the 2.1 GHz frequency spectrum with a width of 5 MHz.

If Indosat managed to add 5 MHz frequency for 3G, in addition to increasing the number of infrastructure, of course the number of broadband subscribers will be encouraged to give back an additional contribution to the company. 3G contributed 10% of the total income of Indosat.