BlackBerry Tour will be sold by Telkomsel and TelkomFlexi

BlackBerry TourTelkomsel claims could not sell the BlackBerry Tour alone if the latest variant of the Research in Motion (RIM) can be marketed in Indonesia. Cellular operator with 72 million subscribers will be invited as well as the parent business, Telkom. Because of this BlackBerry does not enter the GSM roadmap, but also CDMA. This is dual card handset.

So, in addition to the bundling Telkomsel mobile card, either Hallo cards, simPati, or Kartu As, the BlackBerry Tour can also be inserted TelkomFlexi Card.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 is the latest variant of BlackBerry. Its physical form is combination of the Bold and Javelin. Only, physical Tour has slim and more lighter than the Bold with 130 grams.

The phone is capable of HSDPA and HSUPA 3G/WCDMA, has 3.15 MP camera. Better than Bold which only has 2 MP. For the memory business, Tour which has 256 MB of internal capacity is also better than Bold 128 MB.


  1. I hope it will be release by Telkom (Flexi or Telkomsel) soon..


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