BlackBerry Indosat only Rp. 55,000; per month

BlackBerry BISLITE IndosatIndosat finally got approval from Research in Motion (RIM) to release a new tariff BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) with the economic cost of Rp 55,000 per month. Services BISLITE called this 75% cheaper than the normal rate monthly BIS Indosat.

Almost no significant differences between BISLITE services and BIS Monthly Indosat. With this service customers can still chat with BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Goggle Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and others, and access up to 10 email accounts.

The difference is just in a browsing feature alone. BISLITE customers need to access through i-Go browser first to access the internet.

BISLITE service can be used by mobile subscribers Matrix, Mentari and IM3 begin on August 30, 2009.


  1. Seperti layanan BlackBerry On Demand lainnya, Anda dapat mengaktifkan sendiri layanan ini dengan cara:

    Ketik BISLITE kirim ke 889
    Tekan *123*6*1#

  2. Dan terus... setting TCP, APN dan kawan-kawannya gimana? Sama dengan BIS normal kah?

    Gw baru ndafter nih BISLITE kemaren; udah dapet sms confirm, tapi sampai saat ini masih gak bisa YM-an, dan kalo browsing masih tetap kena charge GPRS... hiks-hiks...


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