Telkomsel Getting IBBA 2009 Awards

Telkomsel CustomerTelkomsel again get recognition from the Indonesian Best Brand Award 2009 for category simcard. Halo cards and simPATI cards to be the main provider selection for seven consecutive years since 2003.

Indonesian Awards Best Brand Award (IBBA) is given by the SWA Magazine Sembada and marketing MARS research institutions, as a form of appreciation of the brand with the best performance throughout the year.

Determination of the award is based on surveys with a number of product categories in seven big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Semarang, and Balikpapan.

Survey involving 2600 respondents' personal or household and 300 corporate respondents conducted randomly (multistage random sampling) and the amount already determined (random quota sampling) based on the industry, resulting in a more accurate data.

IBBA award is measured by five variables, namely brand popularity, the popularity of the ad, the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, market share, brand and growth potential in the future.

Awards program that has entered the eighth year has competence and a barometer of performance brand in Indonesia. The winner of each category is considered a successful company to build brand and consumer trust.

In the survey IBBA 2009, Telkomsel achieve best value for the product category with a service provider for the brand value of 91.0 and 86.8 for kartuHALO sympathy. This is far above the index average product in the telecommunications industry that is only worth 60.5.