Indosat Gets HR Excellent Award 2009

IndosatIndosat reaches back HR Excellent Award 2009 for the four categories: Overall Tellent Management, Recruitment and Succession Planing, Development Management, and Performance Management.

This year for the third time HR Excellent Awards held SWA Magazine in cooperation with the Management Institute Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia and the Indonesian Human Resources.

Excellent HR award is given to companies that are seen excellent in managing human resources (HR) is, from how to handle the printing business leader, tellent management, employee turnover, the system of remuneration, career development and organization, sitem competency assessment, until the system of information technology to be applied and the key benefits of enterprise competitiveness.

Rating HR Excellent Award 2009 through a survey conducted by inviting companies to participate voluntarily. Then submit a list of employees of as many as 80 employees from the bottom level, middle, to the top level of the various functions. And the next question to send 30 employees were selected from 80 employees and questions directed to the human resources department of each company.