Indosat Adding Blackberry Capacity Up to 50 Mbps

BlackBerry IndosatIndosat again increases its capacity to link to Research In Motion (RIM) from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps, which means increased as much 150 percent of original capacity.

Increasing capacity is a continuation of the increased capacity of the links that have been conducted in March from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

In addition, Indosat also presents a variety of applications developed Indosat Blackberry, as the value of the Blackberry service more special can only be enjoyed by Indosat Blackberry users. Customers can download a variety of applications such as i-Berry theme for BlackBerry, such as application Muslim Qur'an and digital hadist, i-stock applications, RTI Car and Mobile idx to share information and exchange foreign currencies in real time, Arena Games contains games and fun Arena Music video for music artists top Indonesia.