Flexi Launches Long SMS Feature

Flexi Long SMSSMS is the most popular service, but the characters make short SMS less convenient to use. Telkom Flexi also meet customers' needs with the long SMS.

Flexi through LMS (Long Message Service) Flexi customers can send and receive text messages with more characters long or more than 160 characters.

Telkom as FWA operator with CDMA technology in Indonesia to develop and implement a standard LMS specifically for CDMA technology, so that Telkom became the first CDMA operator in the world to successfully develop and implement a service LMS.

Customer Flexi (Trendy, Classy and Flexi Home) can immediately enjoy the service Flexi LMS without the need to register first. However, not all handsets are able to access the LMS, but must use the handset has the capability of the LMS. Some examples of the handset has the capability of LMS are: ZTE C339, Nexian PF 369, and Haier C6000. Of course, the type of handset in the market that has the ability LMS will continue to grow.

Flexi customers with handsets that have supported the service LMS, LMS can receive a GSM operator's customer and show as a series of messages on the screen intact LMS handset it. While GSM subscribers who receive the LMS Flexi's customers will also receive a message LMS as a series of LMS message intact as LMS messages received between the normal GSM handset.