Opera Mobile 9.7 - Better access speed

Speed is the main aspect of this new browser. Now available in the browser Opera Turbo feature to speed up the exploration. Opera has also been upgrading the browser engine, a 2.2 Opera Presto. With the additional bonus of Opera Widgets, Opera Mobile 9.7 also provides the web content you want with a few clicks and time-sparing.

Opera Turbo feature divided into two namely Rendering the acceleration by the server and compression technology. For rendering, Opera Mobile the mobile rendering responsibility entirely on the Opera server. This ease of the phone so that the process of loading speed and overall performance.

As for compression technology, Opera Turbo use advanced compression techniques that can reduce the amount of data to be downloaded, more than 90 percent. That is, even if the network is weak or the absence of a powerful tool, Turbo Opera allows users to gain experience in the exploration of a rich and fast, even faster than the majority of 3G phones.

This software can be downloaded from www.opera.com/mobile/download.