Fren Duo - Limited and Full Mobility

Fren DuoMobile-8 to bring the newest innovation combines the two services capabilities, the full mobility and limited mobility (FWA) into one card.

In a RUIM card is given the name "Fren Duo" that customers can enjoy the benefits of cellular service Fren services and home phone number (FWA) in the RUIM cards simultaneously (dual-on).

Fren Duo is very appropriate use of CDMA customers who have high mobility needs and want a cheaper fare.

Fren Duo users will get two numbers at the same time the mobile number with the prefix 0888 and FWA number prefix number with area code (021, 022) in a card where the number prefix number 0888 as the main customers when doing the activation, whereas for the switch to limited Mobility, subscribers can press * 55.