TelkomFlexi Launches 4 New Features

TelkomFlexiTo add Vas (Value Added Service), TelkomFlexi introduced four new services. Services are the Flexi Dahsyat, Flexi Community, Flexi Add On, and F-Kios.

Flexi Community is a program for the benefit of a group of customers Flexi joined in a community. Benefit that includes free local conversation, the conversation SLJJ discount, discount SMS, and Flexi group rates.

In addition to the Community Flexi, Flexi Dahsyat also launched, namely Flexi prepaid starter pack for new Rp 10,000. In this package, including free Rp 5,000, a bonus 34 SMS per month for three months to one another Flexi, bonus talk 100 minutes per month for three months.

While the program Flexi Add-on program is a package charges for calls from fixed number to the number Flexi PSTN (home phone) which is a bundling between PSTN and 7-pack of Flexi. Flexi amount that can be registered to a number pak-7 Flexi up to 20 numbers.

F-Kios is a Total Solution for Telkom to provide service in the sale of the rechargeable electronic credits through various types of electronic distribution channels. Two service connections provided by the F-Kios, the Access to Host (centralized), where F-Kios terminal accessible from the transaction, ie, HP, and a computer. Second, Host to Host (distributed), where F-kios to communicate with the host's protocol PARTNER with ISO 8583 or XML RPO, which is a function of existing FRG.