Mobile-8 launched EVDO USB Modem

Mobi Mobile-8After selling Mobi PCMCIA modem, now Mobile-8 Telecom (Mobile-8) launched a version of the USB modem Mobi. Via modem, the user can enjoy the wide-band Internet services with wireless CDMA EVDO Rev A (3.5 G technology).

Mobi version of the USB modem has a claimed speed of up to 3.1 Mbps download and upload up to 1.8 Mbps, thus believed to Mobile-8 is able to increase the power reserve market access that need high-speed data services with an affordable price.

For the price, this modem sold by Mobile-8 with a relatively cheap price, which is Rp 499 thousand. Besides the cheap price, Mobi modem also provides enough competitive rates, ie, Rp 0.1 / KB to 00.00 hours - 12.00 and Rp 0.25 / KB for hours 12:00 - 24.00.

Mobi prepaid users who purchase 3.G Modem CDMA EVDO Rev A price of Rp 499 thousand from the sale of locations designated by Mobile-8 will get free usage of 1GB, which can be used regularly without a limited time, during the period are still in active.

Mobi can also be accessed through the service with the postpaid option 3 package, which is Rp 88 thousand (500 MB quota), Rp 150 thousand (1.25 GB quota) and Rp 250 thousand (quota of 3 GB), with excess quota tariff of Rp 0, 25/Kb.