CDMA2000 Evolution to OFDM-Based Technologies

CDMA2000 has been a very successful 3G technology, with 276 operators in 102 countries and territories serving more than 463 million subscribers. Today it leads 3G in terms of performance, affordability and adoption, and will continue to do so well into the future. With an elegant evolution path to faster and faster data rates and capacity efficiency, CDMA2000 provides a strong basis from which operators can grow their core 3G systems.

CDMA operators can extend the value of their current investments with the enhanced CDMA2000 roadmap, which increases 1X voice capacity and EV-DO performance by leveraging existing devices and network assets. The roadmap also provides for seamless interoperability of wider-bandwidth OFDM-based technologies with CDMA2000, enabling CDMA operators to implement LTE and Mobile WiMAX in their networks.

The CDMA2000 roadmap offers operators an opportunity to retain their competitive advantages without having to make substantial capital investments. Further, if an operator intends to deploy LTE or Mobile WiMAX, the CDMA2000 roadmap offers them a direct integration path to deliver additional mobile broadband capacity and performance.