Bakrie Telecom subscribers in first quarter 2009 to reach 8 million

In the first quarter 2009, PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk record growth which is very positive, both from the fast growing customer and financial performance. Bakrie Telecom number of customers at the end of March 2009 there were 8 million subscribers. This amount is a 78.8% growth compared to the same period year ago where the number of customers of 4.5 million registered customers. At the end of the year 2008, Bakrie Telecom subscribers are 7.3 million subscribers.

On the financial performance, achievement of positive Bakrie Telecom are still ongoing. The company recorded gross revenue increased 38% from Rp 591.6 billion in first quarter 2008 to Rp 816.1 billion in first quarter 2009.

Similarly, the company net income grew 49% from Rp 441.8 billion in first quarter 2008 to Rp 658.2 billion in the same period next year.

Bakrie Telecom is still the focus to achieve the target growth companies, as has been previously defined. For the number of subscribers, Bakrie Telecom has grown into targets 10.5 million customers in the year 2009 and 14 million customers in 2010.

Bakrie Telecom will also continue to develop local services. After the big cities such as Menado, Balikpapan and Pontianak, in the first quarter 2009, Bakrie Telecom has also continued to develop themselves to the big cities and small, such as Jambi, Pematang Siantar and Cilacap.