New Yahoo Mobile for mobile phone users in Indonesia

Today, Yahoo introduce a new mobile for the people of Indonesia. Mobile Yahoo for the Web site can be obtained in

In the application that supports HTML enabled mobile browser, Yahoo offers a new open environment. This means, users can customize the services they want, its themes and its interface. The excellent features offered here are Yahoo Mobile Stay Connected.

Stay Connected feature allows users to stay connected with instant messenger, e-mail, and web users, so always get updates from the third source. For example, is to stay connected with social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, e-mail and so forth.

Yahoo is already claiming the application can run on all operating systems that have mobile devices. However, in Indonesia, this new application can be enjoyed in the non-smartphone devices and the iPhone user can be obtained through the iPhone @ Apple Store. Meanwhile, for the smartphone, this new application will be present in a few months although actual application is already available in the United States and Europe.