Icon+ build 10 GB Fiber Optics

Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON+), build infrastructure, fiber optic capacity with 10 GB using topology network Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) to access in the vicinity of Jakarta.

ICON+ own fiber optic network in Java and Bali with the length of more than 5000 km using the free path of the PLN, state-owned electricity company.

ICON+ customers come from various sectors such as banking, manufacturing, internet service provider, telecommunications service, including mobile, fixed network operators and the local board on the national bank in Indonesia.

Network capacity is also great to bring technologies such as MPLS VPN Point-to-Point Layer2, Ethernet Relay Services (ERS), Ethernet Wire Services (EWS), Multipoint VPN MPLS Layer2, Layer3 MPLS VPN, intranet, extranet, and Internet access to basic.


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