will launch Friendster Loop Calling Card

Friendster Incorporation( interested in the potential new business from international call traffic Indonesia (SLI), followed by the launch of a phone card Friendster Loop.

In the near future, Friendster will provide and sell calling cards the first in seven countries including Indonesia. Other countries are U.S., UK, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Other countries will soon follow in the not too long.

Friendster Loop Calling Card is marketed to all Internet users including 10 million active users of social networking sites.

Friendster Loop will get opportunity from the total market prepaid international phone card the projected U.S. $ 10 billion in 2010

Internet-based direct connection will be added value to maintain communication links in the social networking site by considering the aspects of closeness and emotional relationships that are the voice service. service is provided through cooperation with strategic partners IDT Corporation is an international telecommunications service providers that also provide prepaid phone card and the rechargeable, local connections, long distance services and wholesale.

Friendster use rates vary based on the divided region and type of connections or mobile users, which can be viewed on the site Rates from Indonesia to Medina, Saudi Arabia, for example reaching Rp3.032 per minute, from Indonesia to the U.S. Rp2.268,82 per minute and from Indonesia to Italy or the Netherlands Rp2.311,83 per minute.

To use the card, the user must be registered on the website and select the loop 10-digit PIN and 4-digit security code that will dial-in after a dial-access connection directly to the number the country code of a particular purpose.

In Asia, Friendster encompass more than 75 million registered users in which users who are loyal to grow most of them from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and South Korea.