Bakrie Telecom has launched International Direct Connections 009 (SLI 009)

After getting fixed network license Direct Connection International (SLI) in 2007, Bakrie Telecom officially start April 2009 to serve international phone service with access code 009.

With the presence service SLI 009 Bakrie Telecom, will make SLI rates go down up to 77 percent in Indonesia. Based on Kepmen Kominfo No. 59/2009, the government gave permission to the Bakrie Telecom to provide basic teleponi services such as international telephone, facsimile, telex, telegraph, data, and additional features such as SMS and MMS.

The rate applied SLI 009, to countries like the U.S. and Asia only Rp49 per second outside VAT.

Although the rate is cheaper, still good quality and to ensure clear voice quality, because it is not channeled through the Internet or VoIP network.