WiMAX technology will replace 3G

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, or better known as WiMAX will be able to predict the future 3G technologies. Why? as viewed from the side of investment, it costs only 10% compared with the 3G build, but the speed of 2 times faster than 3G. Of course will be able to provide the cheap price for users.

There are two types of service that is WiMAX Fixed / Nomadic and Mobile. For fixed WiMAX is already set to use the IEEE 802.16d standard, can be used to access the internet / data switching users rarely still or move in a low speed.

Meanwhile, as the technology that WiMAX will replace 3G using mobile WiMAX. Standard for mobile WiMAX is still in the finalization of the IEEE 802.16e

How WiMAX implementation in Indonesia, the Government has plan to make the tender in April 2009. Hopefully quickly realized.