To provide a good service, only 2 CDMA operators in Indonesia

At this time at a frequency of 800 Mhz is allocated to CDMA operators is 20 MHz, and is used by the 4 Plans: Flexi, Esia, Fren and StarOne. This will make a CDMA operator can not be grown again to head to head with the GSM operator. Why?

This is due to a limited capacity, such as CDMA operators get the bandwidth of 5 Mhz, the maximum when using 3 carriers and 3 sectors, will be erlang capacity of 234 or more or less of 7800 customers with the assumption 1 customer use 30 mErlang.

The addition of capacity can only be done with the BTS. But if in the inner city such as Jakarta and Surabaya, the distance between the BTS has so close below the 500 meters, it will be difficult if forced to do the optimization, and will result in Quality of Service (QoS) to decrease, as often happens call drop, due to pilot polution.

In addition, the addition of BTS will be issued that do not cost less, because they had to rent land for the device and the BTS Tower.

The ideal, CDMA operators gain bandwidth of 10 MHz, so for the addition of more capacity easily and cost efficience, and allows you to use to access data (pdn). As a result, only 2 CDMA operators in operation. And I see, soon it will happen, 2 CDMA operators will be closed.