Indosat add Blackberry-RIM link capacity

Now, Black Berry Indosat customers can enjoy the flexibility and speed of access is greater, after the link capacity from Indosat to Rim (Research In Motion) increased as much as 100 percent.

Link Capacity Indosat - Blackberry vendor, that is only 10 Mbps, is now upgraded to 20 Mbps. This makes the backbone Indosat has the biggest link capacity in Indonesia, so that BlackBerry customers will get access to services faster and more reliable.

Indosat own BlackBerry subscribers in the period last 3 months experienced a very rapid increase, which until now has about 75,000 customers nationwide. This encouraged Indosat trying to meet the needs of backbone bandwidth, especially to the rim to ensure Indosat BlackBerry service can be accessed easily and quickly.