Excelcomindo reach Telecom Asia Award 2009

PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk (XL) awarded international level. This time they reach category 2 in the Telecom Asia Awards 2009 is Best Mobile Carrier and Best Emerging Market Carrier.

Telecom Asia Awards 2009 is an annual award given to the telecommunications industry in Asia. XL is the first telecommunications operators from Indonesia, which had received an award that has been held to-12 this time. There are 12 category awards that diperebutkan, the Best Asian Telecom Carrier, Best Broadband Carrier, Best Managed Services Provider, Best Emerging Markets Carrier, Best Mobile Carrier, Best Wholesale Carrier, Best Carrier India, Best Telco Transformation, Telecom CEO of the Year, Best Satellite Carrier, Best New Technology, and Ovum Telecom Innovation of the Year.

To achieve Best Mobile Carrier, XL compete with the big names in Asia, namely Celcom (Malaysia), KTF (Korea), SingTel Mobile (Singapore) and Telstra Corp.. (Australia). In the last year, this category be Telstra Corp.. Meanwhile, the category, Best Emerging Markets Carrier, XL to compete with Smart Communications (Philippines), Telenor (Pakistan) and Viettel (Vietnam). Last year, PLDT (Philippines) awarded this. In addition to the two categories be successful, in fact incoming XL also nominated for the category Best Telco Tranformation be that finally by Bharti Airtel (India).

The award was selected through a wholesaler assessment conducted by an independent jury consisting of 17 experts and practitioners who telecommunications. Juries provide an assessment on the financial performance, technology innovation, the ability to compete in the market, corporate social responsibility / CSR, as well as company policy. Jury support the analysis of a company provider of software for research.