Decrease Performance Cellular Services, Impact of Price War

Customers enjoy the benefit from cheaper fares with the price war among telecommunications operators in Indonesia. But many customers are also disappointed with the poor service operator. Many complaints signal dropout at the time of speech (call drop), the signal arising drowned, and the sms up to do.

In my opinion, it occurred because a significant growth in customers with cheaper fares, but not accompanied with the development speed of Deployment or network is insufficient, so that's going to lack the capacity to accommodate traffic voice and sms.

Customers are entitled to the services and quality standards. Customer does not want to know the reasons cited by the service. Of course, this should be followed up by the government as regulator, to immediately apply the Standard Quality of Services (QoS) that must be obeyed by.

On the other hand, Cellular Operator also need support from the Government, to ease the development of the network. Some of the obstacles faced by the service are:

  • Site Acquitition to establish the transmitter tower for BTS
  • Partner Operators are difficulties that require a long time during the process of customs at the time of entering the device from overseas
  • Revenue Operator continue to decrease even the losers, as the price war impact

So, the Government as the regulator should step in quickly, so that the condition of telecommunication business in Indonesia can grow well. Customers to be happy with the service and the service is not losers.

We see, will not be long, there will be a service that will go bankrupt if the government does not immediately action.