Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indosat will launch CDMA-based BlackBerry through StarOne

Indosat signed in the middle stage of finalization of the cooperation with Research in Motion (Rim), so that StarOne, which uses technology based on technology Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) can access BlackBerry service.

From the technical side, access using a BlackBerry CDMA relatively no problems. Given that in the United States, for example, the BlackBerry service is accessed using the CDMA network technology.

The BlackBerry device on the market that already support the CDMA network access, among others, series 8130, 8330, 8830, 8930, and 9530.


  1. blackberry sama iphone kira-kira bagusan mana ya pak ? tapi cuman tanya aja lo :P belom sanggup beli wkwkw

  2. indosat ama blackberry? makin asik aja nih..patut ditunggu launching nya

  3. @ Mas Bayu Mukti, kalau menurut saya sama bagusnya, tetapi untuk indonesia dari sisi market pengguna lebih banyak Blackberry. Juga mobile operator yang memberikan layanan lebi banyak (Telkomsel, Indosat dan XL).

    Untuk iPhone, baru telkomsel.

  4. Selain handset Blackberry, apakah handset lain, seperti Nokia, bisa dipakai?


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